Sunday, October 4, 2020

Many Thanks Laurel B. and QAYG Finishes.

Laurel Box from Vic has very generously donated a beautiful large quilt top with batting and backing as well and it will be treasured by its recipient. 
Wendy Carter (Vic) donated 5 sets of QAYG blocks and I love the stain glass effect of dark sashing against the bright blocks.  I still have one more set of Wendy's blocks to put together and they make beautiful quilts. 
This set of smaller QAYG blocks were donated by Marie Lee and the Vic Quilters Association and they make another lovely quilt to donate.
This third quilt was made from blocks donated by Michelle of Victoria and she donated 200 QAYG blocks which all made very beautiful quilts.

Having donated QAYG blocks on hand is an easy way to get more quilts finished and my DH loves everyone of them. He's seen thousands of quilts and these are always his favourite. 

Many thanks for your help everyone. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 

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