Friday, October 16, 2020

Many Thanks Alison Watson and Ballarat Friends.

Alison Watson has been a very generous supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts quilt drives previously and she has been very busy again. She has sent 3 large and very beautiful quilts as well as a large bag of batting.

This lovely pink floral quilt was made using the QAYG method. 
She also sent another lovely pink floral top with binding and 3 quilt tops for boys in lovely prints.

She also sent another 35 QAYG blocks to nake another beautiful quilt. 
Alison also included 9 quilt tops from Jan Watson from Ballarat Vic. 

Jan and the Ballarat Quilters also donated backings for 7 quilts and Michelke Dedlefs from NSW donated a beautiful quilt top as well.
The Ballarat Embroiders group also sent 4 lovely quilt tops as well as a lovely crocheted blanket. 

There will be many people in need who will love these quilts and feel the comfort from these lovely donations.  Many thanks for your generous donations everyone.

Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

So many amazing quilts have been donated. So much love and care have gone into the making and love shown in all the donations.

Louise said...

I love how creative and generous quilters are! Some really lovely pieces here :)

kiwikid said...

So many lovely donations there.