Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bletchley Park.

 On Monday we visited Bletchley Park, where they cracked the codes used by the Nazis in WW2. It is a former manor house and was bought by MI6 as headquarters for the best code breakers in the UK. The scenery was very beautiful and peaceful. The manor house was supplemented by lots of pre-fabricated huts which were used as working offices. The work there was so top secret that not even the family members knew what they were working on until 30 years or more later.
  The work done here was also instrumental in developing computers so of course Ray really enjoyed the tours as much of the equipment used was similar to what he had worked with in telecommunications. It was a tiring day because of all the standing while we read all the information, but we both really enjoyed our visit there.
Hugs, Jan Mac


margaret said...

what a beauty of a house, I expect it was origionally someone`s home, would not like to be cleaning all those rooms! Hope to see you tomorrow, problem with a decorator being too slow at his job, am deciding whether I can leave him with a key to lock up when he finishes, , all being well will be at the Quilters Museum around 4.30 if that is okay with you, so looking forward to meeting you

Jean said...

We live in a little town around 20 miles from Bath (Devizes) and we are always saying we should explore our own country! Your blog is fabulous. I want to rush off to The American Museum immediately. I too have started to do hexies. Addictive. Jean

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Margaret and Jean. We had a lovely time in the UK.
Hugs, Jan Mac