Saturday, September 23, 2023

Peaceful Norfolk Island

We've had a relaxing time as well as taking some tours to learn about the Island's history and to see the beautiful scenery. On Wednesday we toured Kingston, the heritage site of the convict settlement and learnt a lot about the history and the Pitcairn Island settlers.
Thursday we hired a car for 3 days and enjoyed taking the small county roads to their end, avoiding the cattle which were grazing along the verges.

We visited the highest point of the Island and finished the day with a delicious Fish Fry run by Baunti Tours,  and overlooking the sea as the sun set. There was a very good vocalist as well as some local girls performing Polynesian dances and it was a lovely evening with beautiful food, including traditional food.
Friday we hiked a trail in the 100 acre headland, which was another way to view the pretty scenery but some of the trail was steep in places.
It rained heavily overnight on Friday and for most of the day Saturday but we knew it was coming so planned our day around visiting museums and a lovely lunch of seafood crepes at Hilli's restaurant. You can see the muddy water in this photo as the run off from the hills was pouring down the valleys.
 It's been a lovely break and we fly home tomorrow afternoon so will soon be busy with donations again.
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


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Jenny said...

So pleased you are having a wonderful holiday.