Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Norfolk Island

We finally made it to Norfolk Island and it has been worth the wait. We were booked to come this time last year but I had continuous respiratory infections and we decided to cancel and hope for better health for our trip. My lovely sister needed a break too and we travel well together so a week on Norfolk Island is just what we needed. This is the view of Phillip Island from my room.
A view of Kingston from Queen Elizabeth lookout, showing the first settlement houses and in the afternoon we took a tour of Colleen McCullough beautiful home.
Baunti Tours took us on an orientation tour of about a third of the island and it included a visit to a beautiful Melanesian church. The weather is fine and the pace is relaxing.
This afternoon we're taking a tour of the convict settlement and in the meantime I'm enjoying a little bit of relaxing stitching on one of my Maltaville quilt blocks.  

Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Jenny said...

I'm sure you will have a wonderful holiday, hopefully a mix of good weather, interesting sightseeing, tasty meals, and some rest and relaxation too. You deserve a nice break.

kiwikid said...

Have a wonderful time