Monday, February 18, 2019

UFO Monday.

 I'm so pleased that I decided to focus on finishing off my UFOs and blogging about it once a week. Unbelievably this UFO was only at this stage 2 weeks ago and with some steady focus it is now a finished top.

 These are half inch hexagons and I really enjoyed stitching them into a replica of an antique doll quilt. I plan on quilting it and having it finished by next Monday.

 This is the next UFO I'm planning on finishing and it is a quilt for Jake. His Mum wanted a Woodland theme quilt for him with appliqued animals. He already has 2 quilts that I made and one his Mum made but I had really stalled with this one. I was paralyzed by perfection as I had to make up the design myself and I don't feel that I'm very artistic. However I  thought I just need to Do It! Jake will love it regardless and that's what matters.
 I was able to trace a design for the deer and bear but had to free hand draw the owl. I added the owl and tree branches on Thursday on my child-free day, and I still have to add a fox, leaves and birds.
 I wish I had used a contrast fabric for the owl's wings but otherwise I am happy to have moved this project along.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping my UFO progress on track.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Maria said...

Pretty antique Dolls quilt Jan and sew nice to have nearly completed a UFO.
Cute Woodland Quilt you're working on for Jake....

Ulla said...

The doll quilt looks lovely, and your appliqued design for the new baby quilt is very cute. Good luck with finishing them!