Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Niagara Falls to Boston

We took the train from New York to Niagara Falls so we could see more of the countryside while we traveled. We arrived just on dark and stayed on the Canadian side of the Falls as that gave us the best view. Our hotel room overlooked the falls and they did look spectacular with the floodlights on them.
We wanted to fly from there to Boston which was difficult without a car so we took a limo ride to the airport at Buffalo. That was a smart decision as it was raining quite heavily for the first time on our trip and being picked up at the hotel and dropped off at the airport was made very easy by hiring our own limo. The driver even made the process of re-entering the US very easy and we didn't even have to leave the limo.
Our flight to Boston went via Baltimore and we are now here for three nights and sadly the Great Race is almost at an end. Today we took a train ride to Lowell to visit the New England Quilt Museum. Lowell is a very pretty little town and we really enjoyed our visit. Thanks to using Google Maps for our research it was easy to find our way to the museum from the train station. The Christmas lights have been set up in the town and the streets were cobbled near the museum so it was a lovely place to spend the day.
I also forgot to show the photo of the Soup Nazi shop, of Seinfeld fame, we saw in New York. It was quite crowded so there must have been lots of tourists checking it out.
More to come soon.

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Sheila said...

I just want you two to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip and our country through another's eyes!! Your commentary was brilliant. You've seen more of the US than most Americans, including me.