Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everything is BIG in Texas

This is tonight's evening meal which is a normal burger and of course I couldn't eat it all. which is a shame. I am trying as many new experiences as possible and today I tried iced tea which was quite good a cosmopolitan and I had a champagne cocktail last evening. Unfortunately we are still trying to adjust our body clocks to a different time schedule and we lay awake until about 4.30am and then got up at 8am. We're going to try for an ealier night tonight and take a b us trip to the Galleria tomorrow for shopping.
Today Macy's department store kept us entertained for a few hours and then we found a book store which for me is almost as good as a quilt shop so we are managing to fill in time very easily.
We've all purchased a CELL now and the rate was $20 for a phone and a plan of 10 cents for each minute, Unbelievable compared to our rates at home.
We're still playing nicely and making new friends. We've entertained one of the shuttle3 bus drivers who asked if we were from the outback and he loves to hear us talk. Of course then we couldn't think of anything to say... for at least 20 seconds. We were lucky enough to catch a ride with him again and he went out of his way to show us an historic site- which confused a couple of the other passengers who didn't realize we were doing a side tour.
Most people think we are English and when they hear we are from Australia they usually say- I've always wanted to visit New Zealand!
Better get off to bed now.
Hugs Jan Mac


Kate said...

Keep it up, Jan. Loving reading about your good times.
In case you haven't heard, Americain (French jockey and French trainer, but Australian owner) won the Cup today. So You Think came third.


kaiteM said...

but no beetroot!
i'm enjoying your daily reports.

Jan Rhoades said...

Hi Jan and all. This is my second attempt so if it appears twice - then you will have twice the fun!!!

Loving the blog and thanks for keeping us up to date.

Speaking of Macy's, did you know that if you front up to the visitor (or customer service) centre with your passport you can get a card for 10% most purchases - not perfume unfortunately. Buy some bras. USA has the most amazing (cheap) underwear choices.

Keep having great fun and hugs to all.
Jan in Upper mt Gravatt