Saturday, November 27, 2010

New England Quilt Museum

The New England Quilt Museum was well worth a visit as they had a blue and white exhibition of antique quilts as well as a contemporary exhibition by African American quilters. We spent quite a bit of time admiring the very fine applique and quilting stitches on the antique quilts and then the vibrant colours and art quilts with a theme of woman's work.
They all told a story about the women's inspiration for their quiltmaking and used many varied techniques with a lot of embellishments with shells and beads.
We also managed to finally find a supermarket so we could buy some freezer paper for applique as it is very hard to get at home and very cheap to buy it by the roll in the US. Then we had more shuffling of the various bags to fit it all in again. It was well worth the planning and all the walking to reach the museum and spend some time seeing the town with quaint cobblestones on the roads.
More to come.
Cheers, Jan Mac


Camilla said...

You must be right near me.

I've never been inside the quilt museum; last time I went out to Lowell, it was to see the streetcar museum with my three year old, and I was figuring I'd look at the quilt museum if he had patience. The streetcar museum was unexpectedly closed, so I didn't dare try his patience, and we found a playground instead.

Nancy said...

Hi Jan, I love your blog. Hope you are enjoying my part of the world (Boston).It's a rainy day here, good for the Museum of Fine Arts, Gardner Museum, etc., or shopping at Sewfisticated Fabrics for more quilting fabric ($3/yd!)- 2 locations, Cambridge & Dorchester. Cambridge is on bus line. Best wishes, Nancy

Camilla said...

What an odd choice of recommendation; Sewfisticated seemed pretty targeted to the garment and prom-dress market, last time I was there.

But, Boston's shopping options are thin on the ground to begin with; far better to stock up in New York or San Francisco, if you're on tour.