Saturday, December 20, 2014

The 1930s Hexagons Re-visited.

There has also been a little bit of time for some hand stitching while I take time out to watch the cricket. I usually don't but this was a very good series against India so far, an a very good excuse to work on these hexagons. This is the last full flower I need for the top. I had to add a floral hexagon from the several "part hexagons" to make up the flower as this was one of the original hexagon flowers which had been cut. I had to do the same for one of the black and white hexagon flowers but it's not too noticeable as to detract from the piece.
I've joined all the full hexagon flowers together and now I just have to add more of the white so there is a double row of them around each flower shape. Then I have to make up the part flowers to add around the edges. I'm happy with it so far and I think it will look better with a press. Using the cardboard for each hexagon has helped to make them uniform in size and eliminate the poor cutting and piecing of all the white pieces.

More night shifts and some family get-togethers will keep me busy this week, and I'm not ready for Christmas, but all will be done in time and I might even get a little bit of stitching time.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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