Thursday, May 16, 2013

Power Sewing

 I still haven't managed to pin the two quilts I need to quilt for me but I have been powering through the scrap bins and finishing off more blocks. This was a mis-mash of donated large blocks so I made enough extras QAYG so I had enough to make another donation quilt. It may not be pretty but it will be warm and hopefully appreciated. As you can see I also used up some block pieces for the back as well.
 Not as much sewing today as it was time to take my Dad out for the afternoon with shopping and a coffee as a nice way to finish the day. I plan to stitch some more scraps tonight and tomorrow before I head off to work some more night shifts. It's just the right weather for a good rummage in the scrap bins as we have finally had some nice showers of rain. I'm still not working on my projects but it's good to see some progress with decreasing the scrap bins and a clearing of the piles of blocks too.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Maria said...

The orphan blocks have made a lovely warm quilt for someone.. Great job Jan..