Saturday, December 29, 2012

This and That

 I was happy to have a few days off paid work and try to catch up on my sleeping. After sleeping in I decided to try to make some progress on using up the containers of cut squares that have been sitting there too long. I wanted to use up some donated 3" sqs which are cream, green, red and yellow. I also had a large number of 2.5" sqs that needed to be moved on so I decided to combine the sqs with some which are 4.5" sq and make star blocks. The green star points will help them to play nicely together. I'm using the lighter squares for the corners of the blocks and a mix of either 9 patch, 4 patch or a plain fabric for the star centres. I haven't made much of an impression on the boxes of sqs yet but I hope to work on them again tomorrow and get some more blocks made.
  I also made 10 more QAYG blocks from some of the lovely donated strip pieces of fabric that Kerry S. (NSW) has very kindly cut and sent to be made up into quilts. All in all it was a fairly productive day although I just worked on this and that as the mood took me. Hopefully that will work again tomorrow.
 Hugs, Jan Mac

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