Sunday, December 9, 2012

Applique Delight

 Yesterday was another wonderful day to share my love of applique with other quilters with the same love. There wasn't a lot of Show and Tell of finished quilts and I wasn't in a good position to take photos but the quilts and tops shown were all magnificant.
The group is going to have their first exhibition in March 2014 and I will definitely be there with camera ready as it is sure to be a stunning show of appliqued quilts. I must get more focused and work on only one thing at a time so I get more finishes. It's easy to say but I love to work on several projects at once as well as making QAYG blocks and donation quilts. There's so many beautiful quilts to make and so little time. I've been tidying my sewing room again and also making more QAYG blocks so I'll have more to show tomorrow before I start night shift again for most of the week. I'm hoping to post off more quilts before I start work as there is quite a large pile of them again.
 Yesterday was also our 33 wedding anniversary and I was lucky enough to come home after a long day of driving to find my lovely husband had prepared a beautiful meal for us. I think I'll keep him for at least another 33 years, especially as he supports my need and passion for quilting.
  Hugs, Jan Mac

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