Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Pile of Quilts

I spent yesterday finishing off the bindings on some quilts as well as sewing 2 more QAYG quilts together. I also spent the afternoon packing all the quilts I was sending to Emerald Qld as I thought the truck would be going last night or today. I was surprised when I counted that I had 63 ready to go in various sizes. I thought it was more like 50. Then I found out today that the truck won't be going to Qld until Tuesday night which means that I have more time to get some more made and I'll give the final total then.
In the meantime I managed to quilt another 4 donated tops this afternoon and now I have the bindings to finish as well as another QAYG quilt to finish for the Homeless Connect day in Melbourne in a couple of weeks.
Check out my other blog for more photos of the finished quilts from yesterday and today and check back soon as there will be more finishes very soon.
Hugs Jan Mac


kaite said...

that pile of quilts looks so snuggly, if you get tired you could just go to sleep on the floor. well done Jan, a fabulous number, the Emerald people will be so thrilled.

Maria said...

Very impressive!

jacaranda said...

Homeless Connect Day - what is the date you need the beanies for Jan.
Thanks Jenni