Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Four Days in Philly

We arrived in New York yesterday after spending 4 days in Philadelphia with two friends from one of my internet groups. It was a wonderful experie3nce and they took us around the sights. The first day we went to the Hershey factory and to some Mennonite quilt shops, and then the following day we visited Valley Forge. There we saw a re-enactment of the English military drills and also took a tour around the sights. We saw a covered bridge and also had our photo taken with the soliders. As you can see I've also been busily taking photos of autumn leaves. I've never taken so many photos of fall leaves but they are really pretty and we are lucky that they are still very evident here as we expected much colder weather. The quilt photo is of a sleigh quilt from the 1840s which my internet friend showed us from her collection. We also tried many differnet foods such as bagels with cream cheese and a pastrami and cheese sandwich on rye.
Still having a ball over here.
hugs Jan Mac

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