Saturday, June 10, 2023

Aidan's 4th Birthday

Our precious grand son,  Aidan is 4 and we had a special day out at the Melbourne zoo. He has a love/hate relationship with elephants as he's always worried that they will put their trunk up and trumpet, which will frighten him. Thankfully they didn't and he now loves them but tigers worry him now. I feel there will be further discussions in the future.

I love seeing their little personalities develop as they grow in confidence and develop new skills. He's a caring little boy, fearless with non-stop energy, and lives building Lego and puzzles.
My sinus infection involved my chest so the coughing has been troublesome but thankfully improving now.
We donated another 20 quilts to the palliative care unit of The Alfred hospital at Sandringham and it's lovely to hear how much the patients and families love them.
I've been spending a lot of time sewing labels on quilts prior to distribution and hope to get some more tops finished soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 

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Happy Birthday to Aiden--and you gave me a chuckle at the end--you see--I live in Melbourne, Fla and we have a big Zoo here--but NO elephant--that I knew of--so I was confused, until I realized that are in AU!!!!! lol--we do have the lions and tigers though!!!
hugs, di