Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Comings and Goings

There's been a lot happening,  especially since we've announced that we running a quilt drive for the Ukrainian refugees.  We received an anonymous donation of 9 beautifully knitted jumpers for toddlers.
We visited Life's Little Treasures yesterday and delivered 15 quilts as well as numerous other items ( listed on our FB group page). They are still in need of small knitted teddies and drawstring bags for book bags.
Dot Ray sent 5 beautiful quilts, including the quilt at the bottom of this post.

I finished  quilting 9 more donated tops including this one below from Dolores Sedore from Canada.
Another quilt made from donated lovely QAYG blocks. 
This lovely quilt top was made by Sue Atkinson and it's  much brighter in reality. 

Elaine Powell from Qld donated this cute top in flannelette. 
Lesley Lowe and the Kyabram quilters donated the next pretty top. 
Sue Ross donated this cute top in bright colours.
Marg Coulthard donated this very cute top with appliqued monster shapes.
Lesley Lowe and the Kyabram quilters donated the next 2 beautiful quilt tops as well.

 Today I  visited Backpacks 4 Vic Kids and delivered 50 quilts as well as teddy bears, blankets and hand knits and you can see the list on our FB group page. Yesterday I also visited 2 Ukrainian families and delivered 6 quilts for them to welcome them to Australia.  They were very happy with them and it was lovely meeting them.

We delivered 71 quilts in the past 2 days and we've donated 236 so far this year.

Many thanks for your generous donations and support everyone. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 

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kiwikid said...

Wonderful to read, you certainly have been busy!