Wednesday, November 17, 2021

More Wonderful Donations Arrive.

Very generous quilters have been busy during lockdown and there's been lots of wonderful donations continuing to arrive.
Julie M. (Vic) donated 5 beautiful quilts for children as well as 6 brightly coloured quilt tops, with backing and binding and also 5 extra sets of binding.

Jennifer Moores (Vic) donated 2 beautifully made quilts for children as well as 3 larger quilt tops. 

Dymphne Anderson (Vic) donated some very cute teddybears, 3 pair of beautifully knitted booties and some bright fabric.
Marie Lee from the Victorian Quilter's Association donated a beautiful play mat for a baby, 2 quilt tops already basted for quilting,  some fabric and lots of lovely knitting yarn to nake more jumpers for children. 

Eileen Nash (Vic) has again donated lots of household linen, a large box of new puzzles for Christmas gifts and she made 59 Santa Sacks for Backpacks 4 Vic Kids from fabric supplied by Bruck Fabrics. It was a mammoth task and the Sacks had Christmas panels attached to their front and they look fantastic. 

So many kids will enjoy some warm hugs and a happier Christmas thanks to your support.  

Hugs, Jan Mac 


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