Thursday, November 18, 2021

More Arrivals and Departures.

Today we delivered another huge number of donations,  filling the Jeep, even with some on the roof rack. Luckily we unloaded just before it started raining again.
It's only 2 weeks since our last delivery to Mums Supporting Families in Need but we had so many to deliver that not all of the boxes were delivered last time and now that lockdown has lifted lots more donations have been arriving.
It was lovely to hear how much our donations mean to them and their ability to help their clients who are undergoing challenges such as financial hardship,  domestic violence and homelessness. 
Lyz Kershaw (Vic) has very generously donated more of her beautiful quilts with these 3 beauties, as well as 2 lovely quilt tops, 35 beautiful QAYG blocks,  60 soap pouches, a novel, coloured pencils and some lovely fabric. 

Susan Iacuone (Vic) delivered the next 2 beautiful quilts from Bendigo Quilters group.

Her friend, Lesley,  kindly donated this beautiful fabric.
Marcie Carr (Vic) donated the beautifully crocheted ripple blanket. 
Susan donated the next lovely crocheted blanket. 
Joy Walton (Vic) sent a large box containing 14 beautifully knitted beanies, a lovely knitted blanket,  wool and pattern, a large amount of fabric and some beautiful hexagons which will go well with others I have on hand.

Thanks to all of your generous support and donations we have donated 687 quilts so far this year, as well as lots of other items.

Many thanks for your help everyone. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 


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