Friday, April 16, 2021

Twenty More Quilts Delivered.

Today I visited the  Knox Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team to deliver 20 quilts for their clients. I included quite a few I Spy quilts as they are a good way for the police to develop a rapport when interviewing children. The clients will hopefully get some comfort from receiving a quilt during such a challenging process.
This brings our total to 268 quilts delivered so far this year which is a fantastic  number.

I also received another lovely parcel from Julie Wisden (Vic) containing a lovely selection of orphan blocks as well as a beautiful large quilt top. 
Jenni Strachan (Vic) has been very busy and donated 15 beautifully knitted beanies,  which will be very welcome now that our weather has turned colder.

I have also been finishing off the baby shawl for our granddaughter who is due within a week or so and knitting more baby jackets to donate, as well as finishing more quilts made from QAYG blocks which I will share soon. It's been good to feel better and have enough energy to get back to my quilting and sewing.

Many thanks everyone for your generous donations and support which has meant that 268 people have received the comfort of a quilt from us already this year.

Hugs, Jan Mac 


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Linda said...

The destination of your latest collection of quilts is an excellent choice. How lovely for the clients to have their own quilt to help them deal with u believability difficult things that have happened to them. So pleased to hear you are feeling so much better, well enough to tackle knitting and putting QAYG blocks together into quilts. ��