Sunday, December 16, 2018

Variety of Finishes.

 I still love QAYG quilts made from the donated QAYG blocks that supporters of my quilt projects have sent. I still have some more to put together but these are the last for this year while I take a break.
 These embroidered blocks were made and donated by Sue McP from Vic, and they've made a lovely quilt for a little girl to treasure.
 This was a donated top which I have also quilted. I dropped off 15 quilts  to Anglicare to be distributed to some of their clients for Christmas and they were very happy to  be able to pass them on to disadvantaged children.
 I also knitted a beanie for Jake as he loves to wear his Pa's. He is such a happy boy and brings us so much joy.
 Jake loves his Thomas the train quilt and likes to play with it when watching the show on television.
Christmas is getting closer and I am still working on his cross stitched stocking.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Maria said...

How wonderful you were able to donate the 15 quilts to Anglecare .. will make the children a little happier....
Jake is such a cutie in his own beanie...

Linda said...

Well done on your recent finishes, Jan and all the quilts you have donated this year. You spread a lot of comfort and happiness. Jake looks a great little chap- he will enjoy tearing the wrapping paper off gifts this year! A very Happy Christmas to you, your husband and all the family. 🎄🎄