Saturday, December 22, 2018

Happily Pottering.

 Apart from Jake's Christmas stocking I seem to be ready for Christmas so it's good to have some time to potter in the sewing room. All of the finished quilts have been donated and I really want to tidy up my sewing room and sort all of the scraps which have accumulated.
   Part of the tidying involves sorting through the tops waiting to be finished. Some of them have been divided into 2 tops as the original was too large to be donated. The smaller of these needed borders added to make them larger. Some tops were also a bit small and adding borders makes them a more useful size. I don't always add borders to donation quilts if the size is adequate but I usually add borders to my own as I think it frames the quilt nicely, especially if they are scrappy.
   I'm not sure if I can sew my way out of my sewing mess and might need to just gather up the bits and pieces, box them up and put them in storage while I sew up some of the jelly rolls and scrappy squares that I have on hand.
   It's time to watch a Christmas movie now and stitch some more on Jake's stocking. Hope you're all enjoying some time to potter as well.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

1 comment:

Maria said...

Nice you have time to potter Jan..
Enjoy the christmas movie and stitching Jakes stocking..

Happy Christmas to your family and you. XX