Thursday, October 11, 2018

Not What We Expected.

 We were worried about how well little Jake would travel and how long it would take to get to Fraser Island in Queensland but he was really no problem and travelled well with breaks every 2 to 3 hours. We enjoyed the trip up and the warmer weather as well as playing with Jake in parks when we took a break.
     However the trip did not go as planned when we were only 10kms from taking the ferry across to the Island.
 The camper trailer our DD and her husband were towing lost a wheel which almost caused the car to overturn. Luckily Jake was asleep at the time, and even more importantly no one was injured.  It caused a small grass fire and Paul's skilled driving got them off the road without collision. We were a few kms ahead and they phoned us to return. After a few hours of waiting,  a tow truck picked up the camper and took it to the nearest town of Rainbow Beach. Their car was not damaged but their accommodation was no longer available until the trailer was repaired and no parts were immediately available. After a couple of days of trying to make arrangements to repair or return the camper to Melbourne, we decided to have it repaired locally when the parts arrived and we continued on down the coast with the use of cabins and motels.
 We tried to make the best of the time we had and travelled as far as Coffs Harbour, in News South Wales.  The weather was lovely and warmer than Melbourne and we enjoyed a few days at the GlassHouse mountains and Australia Zoo.

 We travelled back to Rainbow Beach to wait for the camper trailer to be repaired and our DD, her DH and Jake made their way back to Melbourne in time to get back to start work. We were lucky to be only held up by 1 day and it was a relief to have the repairs done and return home without further problems.
   It wasn't the holiday we'd hoped for but tried to make the best of it. Little Jake was a delight and it was lovely to see him enjoy his time at the beach.
 He took his first steps today, after gaining his confidence, and he will soon be racing around the house. Actually he's already racing around the house while he pushes his little toy train or toy walker around to help his balance. He can stand without holding onto anything but prefers to push his train around. We've spent this week catching up on the washing and unpacking and I hope to get more quilts finished soon.
     I ended up taking some hand sewing but I  didn't take a stitch so I will enjoy getting into my sewing again. It's good to be home and away from the sandflies too as we were bitten quite a bit while we were at Rainbow Beach. Thankfully the itching has almost stopped now.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

Pleased no one was hurt and you were to still be able to enjoy a holiday with Jake and family.

Linda said...

Oh dear, but you made the best if it. And Jake is now walking ........ here comes trouble! Enjoy a bit of gentle sewing, great therapy I find!