Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Block Party.

 This week it was time to get busy with some blocks and get more quilts finished in time for Christmas donations. The first blocks were stitched and donated by Sue McP from Victoria.  The blocks are really cute with lots of trains, boats cars etc and will be loved by a young boy.
 These 12 blocks were also stitched by Sue and are really intricate designs of houses and flowers. They will make a lovely quilt for a little girl.
 Sue also included these lovely stitched blocks of hearts and I will make 2 more to add to this 18. Many thanks for all of your beautiful donations, Sue.
 These blocks were from a damaged quilt and I rescued those which were undamaged and reset them with new sashing. It should look good with new batting.
This quilt top was donated by Jo from Qld and I have divided it in half as Jo's original top was much larger. It is in the pile to be quilted and will be finished soon.
    My night cough has finally gone and it's good to be back into quilting again.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

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Linda said...

How lovely to see how Sue's donated blocks are being turned by you into pretty Quilts which children will love. Well done for creating two Quilts from Jo's donated quilt. The rescued Dresdens are being made into another lovely quilt. You are working hard, Jan, well done. So pleased your cough has improved.