Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday's Three.

 It's been a busy week with lots of bookshelves being cleared, trailer loads of old tyres and mattresses to the tip, as well as lots of quilting. While I've been sorting fabric for backings and packing up some donated tops I thought it was also a good chance to get some more quilts finished.
     The first top was made by a member of my Melbourne quilting group for our Gift Quilt Program and the second quilt was a donated top which will go to Impact. The last quilt was made from donated 12 inch QAYG blocks, with two extra made to make it large enough. This one will go to the group helping homeless teens.
    I'm back working nights again so there won't be as many finishes for a few days.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

Beautiful quilts Jan...
Do you also use orphan blocks?

Jo said...

Fantastic finishes. You sure do get through them

Jan Mac said...

Thanks ladies. Yes, Maria I do take orphan blocks and find they are an easy way to extend some tops when I don't have enough.