Monday, June 27, 2016

Three Will Do.

Working nights has taken most of my time for several days and nights, but I did get three more tops quilted as I had already pinned a couple ready for quilting. The first and third tops were donated by some of my lovely blog readers and it's lovely to finally have them finished and ready to donate to victims of domestic violence.
The second top was made by a member of my Melbourne quilt group for our Gift Quilt Program and will be donated to either a cancer patient or a child in foster care. Our weather is so cold at the moment, that it's comforting to know that some needy people will soon be enjoying the warmth of these quilts.
Many thanks for your help with these quilt programs. I'll be back to finishing more QAYG quilts next.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Jo said...

You are so quick at getting these done

Maria said...

Oh no must soooo cold going out for night shift...
You are amazing , working and still doing sew much for the folk who need a little comfort.
Jan I have a parcel ready to go but would like to know do you use orphan blocks??
Have some I can pop in the Post Pac .. Did you email you but it bounced.
Can you please send me your email address.
Thanks 😘

moosecraft said...

Love the colors in the first quilt! Looks so vintage!