Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Special Day.

 Today I had booked a class with Pam Clarke for Free Form quilting on the Long Arm quilting machine. I wasn't sure if I would manage to last for the 8 hours especially as we only had an hour break for lunch. I had also arranged to meet Grit from Germany as her fabulous quilt, La Passion, was hanging at the International Quilt Festival and she was going to be here as well. I was a bit worried I'd miss Grit as I wasn't sure where her quilt was hanging and I was just hoping to find it quickly.
     Imagine my surprise when a quilter took the last seat in the classroom, next to me, and it was Grit. We were so happy to finally meet and I couldn't believe my luck in her finding me. In the lunch break we went down to where La Passion is hanging and met with Margun from Norway. We had some photos taken in front of Grit's fabulous quilt and it was wonderful to see it up close.
      Pam Clarke's class was excellent as well and I learnt lots of hints on how to free motion quilt using the long arm. I don't actually have one but the ideas are transferable to using on my domestic sewing machine as well. It was a long day but I was really happy to have taken the class and now I just need to practice and make sure I continue to develop my skills.
    Tomorrow I'm taking another bus tour to the Texas Quilt Museum. Unfortunately my time here is almost over and I'll soon be back home after so many wonderful experiences.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Grit said...

Saw your post just now. And I remember on a wonderful time.
I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas Time.

Grit from Germany