Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just Focus

 It's amazing what you can achieve as far as finishes when you focus all your attention on just one project. Or at least focus mainly on one. I really want to get this hexagon quilt finished so I can work on my new hand work projects and so I have been steadily working on finishing off all the hexagon shapes I had already started. I have completed stitching all the cream hexagons and now I'm just adding another row of full sized hexagon shapes and then the half and quarter pieces.
 I haven't been able to focus just on my hand stitching though as I have started the evening dress for DD and have made the lining today and plan to adjust the pattern and then tackle the main part of the dress tomorrow. It is emerald green satin and I'm adjusting the size to be tightly fitted over the bodice and not as full in the skirt but still full enough to "flow" when dancing. It will be good to be back to quilting where one size will fit most!
 More to come. I may even have more finished hexagons to show.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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