Friday, August 17, 2012

A Finish or Five

 This week was a good one for finishes as I finished quilting 5 donated tops and they will be on my other blog, Oz Comfort Quilts. Having such a good pile of donation quilts done I decided to also finish off a donated set of Storm at Sea blocks which had been partly joined as a top, I measured and made more backings to match the donated tops left to quilt and then I was called into work so I was happy with my progress.
  I decided it was time to finish off one of my UFOs and have found this border for a Baltimore Album quilt I have had waiting for borders for some years. It was a cold and wet day today and after getting all my household jobs done as well as the weekly shopping, I started tracing and prepping leaves for the border. Night duty will take up more time for the next few days and then I'll get back to finishing off some more quilts to donate.
I hope you all enjoy a weekend doing what you enjoy as mine will include some stitching and crocheting more blanket squares. Have fun with whatever you choose to work on.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

I would have despaired at an applique border six months ago, but now that I'm am doing needleturn it's actually quite fun! Love your work.

Jan Mac said...

Thank you Sharon. I'm still considering whether or not to add your lovely Cresswell County quilt to my list of projects. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress too.

Jan Mac said...

Sorry Sharon that should have been Chester County quilt.