Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hong Kong to Home

We loved Hong Kong apart from the high humidity and it was a great way to take a break on our way home. We did a night cruise on the harbour to see the Light Show and we also did a half day tour up to Victoria Peak in the cable car as well as going to the Stanley market and visiting a fishing village in Aberdeen. We even toured around the fishing village by junk (boat).
I bonded with a new friend in a jewellery factory and she bonded with m y credit card and is keen to see me again. She was a very good salesperson and very friendly so I may see her when I go back again.
Bargaining at the Ladies Market was also a highlight and although we didn't purchase much we did get to try our hand at negotiating for lower prices. We had a very early start on Saturday when we flew home and since then we've been busy catching up with family and our sleep.
Our trip was a great experience and all the work we put into the planning really paid off as it went very smoothly. I didn't get much knitting done due to the heat but I do have a small pile of mini Christmas stockings to finish to donate to groups which help the needy. I have managed to finish off 2 QAYG quilts (shown on my other blog) over the last two days and I have another one almost finished so it's been a quick return to normal duties here.
Back soon. Hugs, Jan Mac


Heather said...

Thanks for bringing back memories of Hong Kong. I was there for a week about 2 years ago when I was living in China. We did all the same things that you did so you just transported me back.

Maria said...

Welcome back Jan! Sounds like you did the same tours as DH and I did in 2008. I know the jewellry factory you're talking about...I fell in love with a bangle (white gold with little diamond specs) and despite the salesperson's best efforts, I didn't buy it. I thought that I'd spent too much on my credit card in Europe and UK so couldn't justify buying a bangle. later I discovered I hadn't spent as much as i thought and I could have afforded it...wasn't meant to be obviously! lol

Jenny said...

I've enjoyed your travel tales and photo's thanks for keeping everyone up to date with your adventure. I loved our time in Hong Kong and would love to get back there some stage. The jewellry factory was an interesting visit too we didn't buy anything had DH with me and he was shocked at the cost.

Lynne said...

Welcome home!