Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Denim Day and Delivery

I was going to quilt some tops yesterday but had other things take precedence so I did manage to get a start on some gifts for the needy. I found some denim jeans in the "magic cupboard" and decided to make some tote bags and some covered notebooks for teens. I used denim for the books too and am still undecided whether or not to decorate the bags. I may just make a colourful sash to thread through the belt keepers so that can be removed it the teen doesn't like it. I've made lots of these bags in the past and not decorated them as that's the way I like to use them but I'm open to suggestions. I also have a teddy bear that is almost finished so the gift box will be filling nicely.
I also received another 35 lovely QAYG blocks from Cat Magraith in Sth Australia which will help[ to make more quilts to donate. I'll also add the pattern for the knitted mini Christmas stocking to my side bar.
I have paid work again tomorrow which will mean no sewing most likely but there's always Monday. Tonight we have a surprise 50th birthday party for one of my brothers so it will be a fun celebration with family and friends. I can mention it here because I know he doesn't usually read my blog. LOL
Hugs, Jan Mac


kaiteM said...

handy little bags, and thanks for the stocking pattern.

willywagtail said...

I like the denim bags. I think they are best left as they are so the individual can feel like they are adding their own touch. They also look really good used just as they are. Cherrie

kaiteM said...

i made one christmas boot tonight and i put a little extra chain crochet at the final bind off to make a hanger. the whole thing only took an hour from cast-on to stitch up, so i should be able to make a few.

i'm wondering if Spotlt might have a red and green yarn for christmas decoration knitting. I'll look on Wednesday.

Kate said...

those bags are ADORABLE.... fabulous.

Lynne said...

What a great use for old jeans! What else do you keep in your "magic cupboard"? LOL

Anonymous said...

the jeans bags look great!

I'm glad the blocks made it there safely. Hopefully you find some time somewhere to get them sewn into quilts. you're a very busy lady!

Cat M of SA