Wednesday, July 22, 2009

220 Quilts Delivered

We visited Kinglake again last Friday and delivered 220 quilts. We had to pack them on the roof rack as well as taking a trailer to hold all the boxes. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day and no sign of rain so the quilts stayed dry.
The photo shows one of the beautiful quilts made by the quilters of Alice Springs (NT) and they have all been delivered to their new homes now. We also took down sewing supplies as well as all the lovely knitted and crocheted garments and the people are very appreciative of all your generous donations.
When we got home I heard of more people who are returning to the areas, who haven't yet received quilts so I'm busy getting the next delivery ready. I've been busy with paid work as well so I plan to sit and rest tonight and start again tomorrow.
Hugs and thanks for all your help and donations. Jan Mac


Dena said...

Beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing.

kaiteM said...

Well done Jan and Ray. They would all have been very well received i'm sure. Kaite