Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hexagon Obsession: Obsessed- Moi?

 These two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity as we moved my Dad into assisted living accommodation and then we had to empty his unit. Luckily my sister has helped us but we are both time poor at the moment as I fly overseas next Tuesday and she has a daughter getting married this Saturday. Apart from all the settling in, moving out, canceling things and altering addresses etc I have been busy finalizing our travel plans and starting to get things in order to pack, charge up camera batteries, put books on the kindle etc. Luckily I only have to show up at the wedding and have fun with no responsibility.
  As well I decided to start a new FB page for quilters who are making Rhonda Pearce's Insanity Quilt, consisting of 10,339 hexagons which measure half an inch along each side of the template.
 I have become addicted to tiny hexies and strangely enough they don't seem to be tiny at all now. I guess it's like when I was nursing premmie babies- after a while they seem pretty big! My first love was always needle turn applique but I have become obsessed with these little hexies, probably because they will be an easy project to take on our travels.
 The photo of the blue hexagon quilt shows my progress of Grit's Life "La Passion" quilt. I had made a mistake when placing the flowers around the central one and luckily a lovely German member of Grit's La Passion FB page, noticed it and told me. I was able to remove the surrounding flowers and piece them in their correct position before I had too many to undo. Now that I've fixed it I can't believe that I didn't see the mistake for myself.
  The other hexagon quilt I'm working on is my version of the Insanity Quilt. I was going to call it "Memory Lane" as I am using scraps. However that name is feeling like it isn't special enough for this lovely design. I'm starting to think of words Like "La Stupenda" which was how Dame Joan Sutherland was known, or "My Magnificent Obsession". I have even been pondering some French names, probably because this time next week we will be in Paris. Also how lucky am I that I found the two quilt shops in Amsterdam are in walking distance from our hotel there, as well as on the way to the Anne Frank museum, which we plan to visit. Things are falling into place nicely. Now I just have to pack and finish sorting out all the paperwork into a manageable file. I'm off to stitch again. Bye for now.
Hugs, Jan Mac


margaret said...

I am sure you will et lots of hexies sewn on your travels and will see you in York, so looking forward to it

Maria said...

Lovely hexies projects, Jan! What luck having those 2 shops near your accommodation! Lol. We 're in Paris at the usual it's buzzing with life and beautiful food :-)