Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Old Ways Still Work

 I've decided it's time to start reverse appliquing the sunflowers to background but don;t have a circle template large enough. Knowing that in the old days many quilters used plates to make their circle templates I thought I'd give it a try. These sunflowers are 11" across and I had to try out quite a few plates which were a bit too small before I found one large enough.
 Then I traced it on some cardboard and cut out the template.
 I drew it on the back of the background fabric and then reverse appliqued the sunflowers in place. I was originally planning to use cream fabric as the block background but as I increased the number of sunflower blocks I didn't have enough cream fabric. I did find one that was similar in cream and then found I had enough of my focus fabric so used that instead. I know it looks a very strong colour here but I will be cutting the blocks down so not as much background is visible and then using cream in the sashing.

I thought it was better to go for something completely different rather than try to match the cream colours and the sunflowers stand out more on the darker background. I'm thinking this one might be called Evolution, as although I started out with a pattern from a class with Chris Serong, the quilt has evolved with my changes in design as I enjoyed the process of hand piecing the sunflowers. Either that or Tequila Sunrise. What do you think? Do you name your quilts?
 For the past two days I been busy taming the scraps so I hope to show some tidy bins with the pre-cut shapes neatly organized. How long they stay that way is anybody's guess though. haha.
Have a great day of stitching.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda Ashworth said...

Love your blocks and agree the darker background is perfect. I think your title Evolution is just perfect . And, yes, I always name my quilts, the title being part of the hand embroidered label which goes on the back of every quilt I make ( majority are special gifts ).
Like the idea of your ordered scrap bins with their specific cuts of fabric scraps. I try to do the same but my sewing room is rather out of hand at present so need to do a bit of scrap organising to sort it out! You have inspired me to get on with it!

Ulla said...

Great idea vith the background and sashings, I'm sure they will look good.
I usually name my quilts, and the name may have nothing in common with the original pattern name if I have used a pattern.

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for your feedback Linda and Ulla. I'm still scrapping but really want to get back to hand appliqueing the circles in place. Hugs, Jan