Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Shouldn't Be Sewing.

 I was supposed to be tidying the scraps and not sewing today. However when I saw the full bin of 2.5" squares and the plentiful supply of triangles which will make a size to match the squares I just had to make a few blocks to see how they look. I know this is how UFOs are born! It was more fun to sew the squares than to trim more to add to the bins. I was going to make Bonnie Hunter's Blue Ridge Beauty quilt pattern but the book hasn't arrived yet. Luckily a very kind quilter from the US told me what size the 4 patches and half square triangles are in the pattern. Bonnie used 2" squares but I had lots more 2.5" squares so I decided to use them. Bonnie's quilt is lovely and uses blue and neutrals but I'm making an "everything goes" scrappy quilt. If it's in the scrap bin it's fair game. I was going to save the blue and yellow half square triangles for another project and then thought that was silly and it was better to just use them up.
 I found some funny prints like the halloween one as well as some very old small floral prints.
 There were some crabs and sea shells.
 There is even an old label from a swap I had where I had made too many labels. If you look at the pale triangle in the middle of the photo you can see one with pale hearts. That is a signature block that I cut in half and I used the back of the label so the signature doesn't show.
I sewed all afternoon and really couldn't stop. I have laid the blocks out but not joined them together and as our youngest DD is coming home, and bringing her cat tomorrow, I'll have to throw a cloth over them or they will be strewn everywhere by a playful kitty. The blocks measure 8" finished and I plan on setting them 6 x 9 to give me a top which measure 48" x 72" without borders. I'll make the decision on borders later when I see whether or not it needs them.
 Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement Linda and Maria. I won't call you enablers as I had started before your messages of encouragement came through but I hope it has encouraged you to get stitching with your scraps. The tidying of the scraps will have to wait as I have two scrappy projects on the go now.
 Oh dear I've just started another WIP and will have to persist so it doesn't become another UFO. I'll try to focus on the tidying but this was more fun!
I hope to show more progress soon of the cat allows!.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Kate said...

Total fun!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Love it! I always have more WIP's in the works than I can remember. I have to have them all wrote down, especially for the scrappy ones, cut this size for quilt A, this size for quilt B keeps the scraps from adding up and drowning me out.

jacaranda said...

I love your scrap quilts Jan. And why shouldn't you be sewing, especially something for yourself after all you have done for others. Happy Scrapping.

Linda said...

Thanks for mentioning me Jan. Well I've fallen into the same trap. Instead of tidying my sewing room I have started another scrap quilt and joining scrap matching triangles into HSTs as beginners/enders which I intend to make into pinwheel blocks. Quite silly!

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for your kind words Jenni. I was saying I shouldn't be sewing as I should be tidying the fabric collection but sometimes the fun stuff takes precedence lol. I need to focus on some finishes though. Hugs, Jan

Jan Mac said...

Hi Linda, It's an easy trap to fall into when tidying and I rationalize that I'm getting rid of scraps when I'm sewing so it's a win-win but slower than just stacking them in bins. lol Have fun being silly along with me Linda.
Hugs, Jan