Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dressmaking- Not Quilting, But Fun.

 Before I started quilting as much as possible I used to sew clothing for myself and the rest of the family. I don't usually sew clothes now but my youngest DD is a teacher and studies ballroom dancing so my dressmaking skills have been pout into use again. I found lots of lovely evening dresses being sold off for $1 each at an op shop last year and bought up lots. I didn't have DD with me and I knew that I was going to alter them so sizing didn't matter. Several of them were long or ankle length and I just had to take them in and shorten them. This lovely green crepe dress is a vintage one from the 80s but it's a classic design. It was ankle length so not long enough for evening so I shortened it and took it in to fit and DD will wear it to a wedding this weekend.
 This lovely cowl neck dress just needed to be taken in to fit and looks lovely.

 DD loves this little dress and it needed a lot of new seams to be added to make it fit but it does look cute.
 This dress was shapeless but with some darts added and the side seams being taken in, it made it a nice fit.
 I love this evening dress which had its own shawl. It only needed to be taken in at the sides and it looks elegant. I altered all of these dresses this morning as well as two other dresses and a skirt we forgot to photograph.The photos don't do the dresses justice but I think we achieved a lot with dresses that were languishing in the op shop, while saving a lot of money. I still have more to alter but that is enough for now.
Buffy, the kitten, was over-seeing proceedings from the safety of a box of quilt blocks. They've gone back home now and the house is quiet again so I plan on getting some more scrap-sorting done over the next few days.
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Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

What a great job you did with the altering of those frock! They look lovely :-)

Linda said...

I am amazed at the gorgeous dresses you have created for your daughter from a consignment of op shop bargains. They are all lovely but my particular favourite is the first one. So elegant and sets off your daughter's great figure beautifully. Lucky girl to have such a clever Mum! I have never been a 'sewer' and came to quilting by accident really so don't know how to alter clothes. So I am seriously IMPRESSED with your skills, Jan. I also cannot believe how much you achieved in one morning! Wow!

jacaranda said...

I love all the dresses, you are very clever with your dressmaking skills. Fashion never changes, just does the full circle. Imagine how much that wardrobe would have cost if your DD had bought them in a shop. Well done.