Wednesday, October 10, 2012

While I was Sleeping...

Some lovely quilters have been very busy and I received a very large box full of QAYG blocks as well as a lovely knitted wool sweater, and some bindings. The sweater will be very welcome as we are getting another blast of winter here at the moment and the recipient will welcome its warmth. The blocks have been a joint effort by the Connected Quilters of Melbourne (Vic) and they were made b y Anne, Louise, Karyn, Michelle and Leita. The blocks are beautifully made and full of colour so they will make some more lovely quilts to donate. Thank you all for your hard work with providing quilts for the needy and they will be finished as soon as I return from holidays.
 Apart from family commitments, I've been busy working night shifts and then sleeping to recover. I've slept for 20 hours and still feel tired so it will take me a few days to recover again. Today was busy with the usual household chores so I hope to get some stitching done tomorrow and have more to show.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Michelle said...

We had lots of fun making them, and hope they will brighten someone's life.