Monday, October 29, 2012

Spending the Day with Joseph

 I've been neglecting Joseph and his Coat for most of the week and have been spring  cleaning and making QAYG blocks instead. I've also been busy putting more QAYG blocks into quilts and finished off another one yesterday (shown on my other blog soon).
Today it was time to spend sewing on more buttons and piecing the last row of blocks together. I only have 4 more blocks to add and then it will be finished. I have sewn all the buttons on so far and then will have to applique the top to the border pieces.Then I can concentrate on making the half square triangles for the outer border. I was thinking of making the quilt larger as I was enjoying the piecing so much but I have the next quilt I want to make already planned so this may be large enough as it is. I'll make my decision when I have the last row pieced together as I have cut more petals than I need but I've also found some more 1930s repro fabric that I can use for variety.
  I'm also planning the quilting for the 1930s star top I've recently finished so it looks like I will be busy for a while.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Sue SA said...

Jan this quilt looks great, so love he colors!

Ginny from SB said...

This looks like it would be difficult to piece -- so many skinny curved pieces, but you say several times that it is fast. Where did you find the pattern?

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for your kind comments Sue and Ginny. I took a class at the end of Sept and the pattern was part of the class. It's an old one from the 1930s and there's just two shapes to piece and then the buttons to applique over the joins. I've made this top in just 5 weeks so it is very fast if it's your main project.
I've seen the pattern on ebay too.

Margaret A said...

Jan, love Joseph and his Coat, might have to have a go at making it.
Margaret A (scq)