Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Late Night Sewing- Heading for Baltimore

 Don't you love it when you are able to see real progress with a project. This is the third Baltimore Album quilt I've made and I have given away the other two. This one will be staying with me and my DH loves it which is even better! I had only joined two of the rows together until last night and I had a sudden burst of energy and decided to just get it all together so I can take it to my applique meeting for Show and Tell next Saturday.
 It's so large that I don't really have anywhere suitable to take a photograph yet so this is as much as I can show you at the moment. You can see the border which I am currently working on and I have about 3/4's of the first border finished. I think I'll also applique the rose centres in a gold fabric to match the small squares between the sashing and I've included photos of a couple of the blocks to show a bit more detail.
  I am going to machine quilt this one and plan to enter it in the Vic Quilters Showcase hopefully next July, but if not then the following year. I stayed up sewing  until 11pm last night and it's great to see so much progress for so much work. LOL!
 I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Baltimore Album quilts and was very lucky to be at Houston in 2010 when they had a special exhibition of Baltimore Album quilts. I was in quilting heaven! Now I'm looking forward to having one to keep. Lots of stitching happening here so check back soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Pauline G said...

Wow! This is beautiful - I hope you enjoy keeping this for yourself after all that work

Maria said...

It's beautiful Jan!

Gina E. said...

It is absolutely stunning! Not something I would attempt in a million years, but I do love seeing what others do.

ruthsplace said...

It's gorgeous!

Lynne said...

That is absolutely lovely, Jan. I'm glad your husband likes it too.