Monday, September 24, 2012

Second Day of Classes

 On Sunday I took a day class with Chris Serong and we had a choice of making the Joseph's Coat with Buttons pattern or a hand pieced Pickle Dish. They are both hand pieced and I find this type of stitching is very relaxing, especially if I spend a lot of time at the sewing machine or computer. Chris is a lovely tutor and does very precise piecing and also plays special importance with pressing the blocks. I always pick up lots of tips when taking a class and this is the second one I've taken with Chris and would also highly recommend her classes. She only teaches each pattern for a short time and then retires the pattern to teach something new. She has won awards for her quilts and when you see them you can understand why as they are beautifully constructed.
  I finished piecing a complete circle as well as some part circles so this will be my next carry-along project, I just need to be careful with all the bias edges. I'm using  white background and my collection of 1930s fabrics. It's about time as the year of 1997 is stamped on the selvedge of some of them. It was easy to just grab the tub of fabrics and put them in the car and just pull from the tub as I worked.
 And lastly you can see my finished blocks from the Saturday class with Lessa Siegele. Are they bright enough do you think? LOL
I spent last evening working on my hexagons as the end is in sight, or at least it is unless I decide to make it longer. I'll share photos of progress later. Have a great day of stitching everyone. I'm off to buy fabric to make youngest DD another evening dress but I hope to stitch tonight.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Lynne said...

Love it all - what a fun way to spend the weekend!

Gina E. said...

OMG Jan, do you EVER sleep??? All that quilting, and making an evening dress as well??
I just posted off a quilt top to Jan-Maree for Aussie Heroes Quilts, so it will be your turn next, but I thought I might whip up some Xmas stockings first. Is it too early? You did mention them a little while ago on your blog. I figure if I get some done now, I won't be rushing to do them at the last minute.

Quilter Kathy said...

I just love your new hand piecing project!
I also like the pickle dish, but wow it looks hard!

Jan Mac said...

I do sleep Gina, but I am a fast worker. I try to slow down, especially when I take a class but I always seem to finish quickly. It's not too early for the Xmas stockings and all will be welcome.
Hi Kathy, yes the pickle dish was also hand pieced and just takes time because of all the small pieces. Chris said it took 2 and a half years to piece and she doesn't do her own quilting.