Thursday, September 6, 2012

Book Review and Mail Call

 Just a quick post about what's happening here and please excuse the photos. In April, I took a class with Philippa Naylor, an award winning quilter from the UK, at AQC this year and then I bought her book - Quilting in the Limelight. I really enjoyed her class on Trapunto and also her talk at the cocktail party. She started as a fashion designer and has developed her quilt designing and domestic machine quilting to such a degree that she has won many prizes and teaches classes in trapunto and precision piecing to name a couple.
 I am really happy with her book as it chronicles her progress as a quilter as well as talking about her life in Saudi and now the UK.
 I can really recommend her as a teacher as well as recommend her book. Her quilts are fabulous and she takes you through the entire design process which I found to be very interesting. The book has excellent photos (unlike these here lol) and she takes you through all the steps including applying bindings and piped edging to the quilt.

 I also received another lovely postal bag stuffed full with more QAYG blocks as well as fabric for binding. Lisa Cooke and Sue Bayre (Vic) have made these beautiful blocks and now that I have my new heavy duty machine it is going to be so easy to sew these together into a quilt.
 More to show soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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kaiteM said...

Mum rang Joyce and thanked her on your behalf. She is a very dear little person. Her daughter from WA made them.