Friday, September 2, 2011

Highlights of Vienna

We had two days in Vienna and of course we had to try the famous Sacher Torte which is a very rich chocolate cake with apricot jam filling and lots of cream.
We also managed to get tickets to the training session of the Spanish Dancing horses and watched them do some tricks and lots of walking and trotting around the arena. We also visited the Schonbrunn Palace which included an evening meal, followed by a concert with music by Mozart and Strauss. There were also two ballet dancers who danced to the Viennese Waltz, and two opera singers who sang in German. A bit hard to translate but basically I think she'd lost her cat, asked him to find it, he found a cat but not the right one and she wasn't happy to accept it. Glen thought a turkey was mentioned but I missed that bit.
Unfortunately we couldn‘t take photos at the Spanish Dancing school or the Mozart concert as they said it would frighten the horses and musicians respectively.
We‘re off to Innsbruck today for two nights as we want to take another spectacular rail trip over the Brenner Pass to Venice.
Bye for now.
PS I forgot to mention the "pooper scooper" man who did a great job at the Spanish Dancing horses show!
Hugs, Jan Mac


Johanna Zweden said...

What a lovely time you have,Vienna, Music and lovely cakes!
Greetings Johanna from Sweden
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Mary-anne said...

Jealous of the horses....Glad you got to see them - one my bucket list!

Lynne said...

What a diverse range of experiences you are having!

Kate said...

I am love reading your blog. You obviously did your homework very well. My sister and I went to see the horses in 1969. We were camping and had to get up very early to queue for tickets, but they were marvellous. Did you know that in the 1980s there was an off shoot of them in Western Australia.

Mary-anne said...

My postcard arrived yesterday. Thank you!!! even more jealous.