Thursday, September 29, 2011

Donations From WA

I received two more lovely parcel of donations from Delys Rogers in Western Australia. Delys has very generously supported Oz Comfort Quilts all year and this time she has sent 12 lovely knitted beanies, 2 scarves and 16 more lovely QAYG blocks to be made into quilts for the needy.
All of these will soon be on their way to be given to the needy and the sudden burst of cold weather we're having has meant that these warm items are still in demand.
I've also been busy crocheting more squares to be made into blankets and hope to get another delivery made in the next week or so. Finishing quilts has taken precedence over making more mini Xmas stockings so I really appreciate those of you who have made and sent some too. I've been trying to finish quilts and Christmas gifts for the needy so I haven't made enough of the stockings yet.
Thank you all for your generous donation of time and materials to help the needy.
Hugs Jan Mac

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kaiteM said...

A very generous donation from the lady in WA.
i'm still knitting christmas boots, one a day, so i should get about 20 from this ball, expect them about the middle of October.