Friday, February 18, 2011

A Wealth of Donated Blocks

The parcels of QAYG blocks are still arriving and I'm very busy getting them all sewn together. I think that I have solved my delivery problem for quilts to Emerald in Qld so I'm making sure that I get the blocks made with light-weight batting finished so they can go on the next delivery up there.
The huge pile of blocks shown first consist of 90 QAYG blocks made by Iris Bradbury and her quilting group- the Southern Village quilters in WA., and these will make some lovely quilts.

The next blocks shown are from Fay Morris in Israel, who read about this quilt project on the UK magazine Popular Patchwork's website, and she has sent 4 QAYG blocks as well as some cute kid's fabric. Ruth Crocombe from Sth Africa also sent 4 lovely QAYG blocks and they will play nicely with the other donated blocks. I love this design because it's an easy way to use blocks from all different quilters and the joining strips make them blend together well.
The last two photos show the 48 QAYG blocks sent by Delys Rogers in WA and she also sent some bindings, fabric and some orphan blocks.
All of these lovely donations will be finished up very quickly and off to their new owners so keep any eye on my other blog for the finished quilts made from these blocks.
Thank you all for helping me to get so many quilts made and donated to those who need them.
Hugs Jan Mac


kaite said...

congratulations for getting your delivery to Emerald sorted, they will be so pleased to receive your quilts. I'll have another 6 to go there later this week as well.

Ruth's Place said...

So glad they arrived safely, the post isn't always as reliable from South Africa as we would like.