Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayers For New Zealand

The damaging earthquake in Christchurch with the large loss of life has been shocking and our hearts go out to you and I pray that many more people are found alive and rescued. I'm looking into how to send finished quilts over to Christchurch to aid in their recovery efforts. Thank you to everyone who emailed and asked about quilts for NZ as well as the flood victims in Australia.
I spent the day quilting 7 donated tops and now have to finish the bindings on them so they'll be shown on my other blog tomorrow.
In the meantime some wonderfully generous quilters have sent more QAYG blocks and they will make some lovely quilts for people in need of comfort and warmth.
Marielle Flipse and Gerda Verwoort from Holland sent 3 QAYG blocks and their best wishes, and Edwina Hempstalk from New Zealand sent 24 QAYG blocks in a range of colours.
Also from New Zealand, Christine Singleton sent 46 QAYG blocks which is enough for 2 quilts for children and she has used a lot of kid's prints. Margaret Frost (WA) has again been very busy and has sent another 20 QAYG blocks, while B. Langton (Vic) sent 12 floral QAYG blocks as well as enough binding to sash the blocks for a QAYG quilt.
Anne Brennan and her friends from Morwell (Vic) must have had a sewing day as well and they sent 67 QAYG blocks in a variety of fabric to make some pretty quilts.
Nanette Gilbert (NSW) sent some beautiful orphan blocks and fabric to make more tops and Susan Stamp (NSW) sent a lovely patchwork book, batting, blocks and fabric.
You have all been so supportive and generous with your donations that it has enabled me to make and donate a lot more quilts.
I have managed to organize transport for the quilts to Emerald in Qld and they will be going on the weekend so I'm trying to get as many finished as possible for the first shipment. The ladies from Emerald who have helped me with the arrangements are very excited about being able to give so many quilts out next week so I'll be sure to post the numbers in the shipment when they've gone.
I'm going to take a break now after about 11 hours of sewing today and get an early start on the bindings tomorrow. Now that I have transport for the quilts to reach Qld I'm also happy to receive any finished quilts and send them with the shipments.
Once again a heartfelt thank you for all your support and keep our Kiwi friends and neighbours in your thoughts and prayers and perhaps make a QAYG block or two, or even a quilt so we can support them in their recovery.
Hugs Jan Mac


Catherine said...

I've got transport from Auckland to Christchurch for completed quilts - just trying to work out a way to get them from Australia to Auckland.

willywagtail said...

I read somewhere today that a NZ blogger was calling QAYG blocks made to your instructions. Perhaps the blocks could just be sent there and she make them up. I'll try to retrace my steps. Cherrie

willywagtail said... is the link for the lass in NZ who is calling for blocks to made up according to your directions to send on to these needy ones. Cherrie