Thursday, January 7, 2010

What was I thinking...

Yesterday I put a top together from a signature swap I did at the Southern Cross Quilters Retreat in April 2009. I'll show a photo when it's finished and as I'm working for the next couple of days it probably won't be done until next week now.
However while I was searching through my cupboard for backing fabric for my UFO, I found this dress which was almost finished and just needed the skirt to be sewn on and facings done for the neckline.
I have no recollection of even making this dress and think it may be 20 years old. What were we thinking in the 80's? The fabric is cotton and I am de-constructing the dress to make it into something else. I may make pillowcases if there's enough fabric. Either way this is one old UFO that will be gone soon. I have more to excavate from that cupboard too. When the Kosovo refugees were brought here in the mid 90's I pulled all my fleecy fabric out of that cupboard and my lovely Mum made 80 pairs of tracksuits and PJs. It's time to empty that cupboard again now and then I'll realluy be busting some stash. LOL!
More later, Jan Mac


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

i can see you will be having a lot of fun with is!

Kaite said...

It sounds like an endless cupboard, like the magic pudding except in cupboard form...LOL!