Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Start

We had a lovely couple of days away camping with our group of 4 WD friends. It poured with rain and we had thunderstorms and lightening for 2 of the 3 nights we were away. We didn't mind as it mainly rained at night and we really need the rain, but the strength of the storm was more than we'd ever experienced before. Luckily our camper trailer stood up to it well and we didn't get wet at all. We came home yesterday and the weather was perfect but we'd decided to come home to watch Australia play Pakistan in the cricket.
I've also been putting more QAYG quilts together and have crocheted 4 scarves for Pine Ridge Reservation, while watching TV. I also plan to make some pillowcases for different charity groups and send a quilt to Alycia for Quilts of Valor for wounded soldiers.
I'm not making resolutions as I work at the donation things every chance I get so I know I'll be productive without putting too much pressure on myself.
Lets hope we don't have the devastation of bushfires and loss of life like 2009, and I hope we are blessed with a safe and happy year for 2010.
Hugs Jan Mac


Lizzie said...

Have a safe and happy new year and see you back on the 'bride' soon.

Maria said...

So nice to hear you went of camping as you are usually so busy making quilts etc as you did on your return.