Friday, January 29, 2010

Maybe There Was...

Here I was saying that I don't have enough time but I did manage to quilt 3 tops yesterday before I went to work and today I bound 4 quilts, made a bag and also a large bag for some of our camping equipment. Altogether I used up 32.75 yards of fabric and here's one of the quilts which was made of simple squares of fabric.
I also bound the edges of a towel to give it a longer life and made 3 hand towels from a towel which was in good condition but had a stain on it. These will be used to make health kits to be donated.
So I guess you could say that I've made progress. I have work again over the weekend but I plan to make some pillowcases and then total my stash busted for this month. Despite going away for several days I think I will have almost reached my year's total of 100 yards already. If not, there's always next month.
Hugs Jan Mac


Kaite said...

The roses bag is a nice one, i'd like to make one like that for Mum. Any clues?
PS: do you ever sleep or eat?? You're so productive you make me dizzy. cheers, Kaite

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

you are my hero, You inspire me greatly and i love your passion.

MAIZEE said...

Hi! Have enjoyed reading your blog and being inspired with all your work for such good cause. Our Thimbleberries group has adopted the local girls town in past years, supplying pillowcases, Xmas stockings, quilts, and yes personal tote bages. Last year I made about 60 from a pattern that was a little more time consuming, so would love something a little quicker. The bag pictured on you 1-18 post would be perfect.Could you to post a quick instruction. I could probably think it through wasting some precious sewing time but don't want to do that. We are doing quilts again this year and I will be following your string instructions and QAG method. I really enjoy helping Girls Town knowing that many times the girls arrive with no belongings, not even a plastic bag.