Monday, January 12, 2009

Try Again

I'm not sure what happened with blogger on my last post but it locked up so I couldn't type. I meant to say that I've been busy working extra shifts at my day job and the money will be very handy to pay for my next trips to East Timor.
In the meantime I've managed to finish another QAYG string quilt and a lovely quilter has just donated 7 quilt tops which I hope to get quilted soon. I also received some rice bags for Hiam Health and they will all be much appreciated by the Timorese.
The quilts in the previous post were shown at the Vic Quilters Showcase in 2008. The string quilt with yellow was the QAYG quilt I've just finished and the other top is one donated for me to quilt.
Our DD is improving and I hope to get more time to sew soon, although I always wish I had more time for quilting.


maggi said...

The quilts look great. Glad that your daughter is improving

Anonymous said...

Love the look of those strings. How wonderful that you are delivering them yourself.