Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Plans Underway

Busy times here!
I spent yesterday with a "hurry up and wait" day while I got all my documentation for my passport. My last one was well out of date and now I have a new one I can see plenty of travel overseas in my future- after all I must get my money's worth mustn't I?
The departure date seems to be flexible as it has gone from 26th Sept to 24th Sept and now probably back to the 26th as 2 members of the group have withdrawn due to illness.
Today I got my vaccinations and I'm going to start weighing quilts to see how many I can take as I have a weight limit of 20kg. Luckily I don't plan on taking many clothes.
I think I'll be staying in the hills in East Timor and it gets cooler at night so I'm also finishing off some crocheted blankets to donate to the children. Also plan to get some sewing kits ready to donate. So much to do!!and so exciting!
Hugs JJ

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